6 Indicators for Business & Life - by Kelly Cardenas

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"Imagine driving your car with no speedometer, the performance of your car wouldn't change although your reaction time to circumstances would be greatly affected. By the time you realized how fast you were going it would be too late to make the necessary adjustments. In today’s day and age we have so many indicators to let us know of almost everything in our lives. We have heart rate monitors, step counters, apps to help us save money, calorie counters, and devices that tell how much actual sleep we enjoyed the previous night. We have information to evaluate all the information in our lives, yet most of us run with little to no awareness by which to gauge the true health of our Business and Life. What would it mean to you to have a way to evaluate character, and integrity that would be directly linked to the bottom line performance and more importantly the sustainability of your organization or relationship?"

-Kelly Cardenas